Grassroots Activists Turned Away at the RNC


Jason Pye of United Liberty describes the events that took place the morning of April 15th, 2013 as  more than fifty grassroots conservative activists were denied access to the RNC. We were merely seeking to deliver an open letter detailing our grievances with the RNC’s changing of the rules last year, and a petition with over 12,000 signatures demanding they be overturned. For nearly an hour we were locked out. Finally, Director of Communications for FreedomWorks, Jackie Bodnar was allowed inside with the documents. 

After an nearly a half-hour of standing outside the RNC, Bodnar laid the letter and the petitions at the door. There was eventually some indication that the RNC would send someone down, but they were taking their time in getting to the people who work the ground every election year. As they waited, more and more activists signed the open letter to Priebus.

As time continued to passed, Bodnar again talked to those inside. “Just so you know, this is the grassroots calling and you’re not picking up,” Bodnar said. “So when you wonder where we are, it’s because you locked us out. This all we want to deliver — it’s just an open letter and a petition.”
After a few more minutes, she was eventually allowed to meet with a representative from the RNC who told her that they would be willing to meet if she made an appointment.

Read the full article here at United Liberty

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